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Côte Belge / 10

Sasstraat 53, 8301 Knokke-Heist

Top 100 New! nespresso

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This restaurant belongs to the Top 100. Restaurants belonging to the Top 100 ask € 33 for a 3 course dinner and € 28 for a 3 course lunch pp.


The 'Restaurant Week menu' is a surprise menu which will only be served at the participating restaurants during the Restaurant Week. Each restaurant will arrange its own surprise menu.

On the reservation form you van mention if you are a vegetarian or have special diet restrictions so the restaurant can take this into account

The DiningCity-team would like to wish you a tasteful Restaurant Week!

Over Côte Belge

Welcome to Bar-Bistro Côte Belge, a unique place in Ramskapelle.

Stop by to enjoy their delicious bar food, gourmet dishes and classics that go hand in hand, and are prepared to perfection with fresh and seasonal products.

Combined with their beautiful wine list (also by the glass) and different cocktails, they ensure that you start thinking differently about a plate of food.

The recencies from restaurant Côte Belge




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